Privacy Policy of GetUpp


Welcome to GetUpp and our universe of movement and motivation. This universe includes equipment, that enables movement at work, and a software that motivates and inspires the use of the equipment.This memo describes the terms and conditions associated with the use of the equipment and the software. This, to ensure a correct and an ideal use of both, but also to clarify the rules.We are happy to have you on board, so that we together can turn office environments, in the world into active and healthy workplaces.We are in favor of everyone having the opportunity to move in their daily life – regardless of gender, age and other characteristics. However, to ensure a proper and an appropriate use of the equipment, we must advise, that children under 10 years of age use the equipment with supervision and instruction from an adult. In order to use the software, the user must have an GetUpp account.Use of the equipment can be done without major strain on the body. However, we do recommend, that users with health issues as chronic physical conditions, cardiovascular disorders, bad heart, or other concerns, consult their doctor or physiotherapist before use. Just to be ahead of time and make a good first step towards an active work life.All use of the equipment is at your own risk. If you notice persistent discomfort when using the equipment, consult your doctor. However, it is perfectly normal to feel the effect of an active lifestyle in joints and muscles. Especially in the beginning, when muscles and joints are put to work – perhaps after prolonged inactivity?