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Udfordringer i GetUpp app

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Experience a world of daily activities and challenges right at your fingertips with the GetUpp app. Here, you can not only track your daily movement but also transform it into exciting challenges. Whether you prefer to challenge yourself or compete against your colleagues.

Challenges in the app

Dive into the GetUpp app, where you’ll find a variety of different challenges. Choose between personal motivation or the dynamic community and competitive element. For more information on how you can participate in these challenges, click here.

The essential thing is to stay active throughout the day, even while you’re working. Whether it’s by tracking your movement via your smartphone, using the office bike, walking on the treadmill, or adjusting your sit-stand desk, all these activities can be integrated into the GetUpp app. Your activities are automatically logged in your ongoing challenges while you’re at work.

Health and movement on all your devices

If you use an activity tracker on your watch, you can easily connect it with the health app on your mobile. Inside the GetUpp app, under ‘Settings’, you can customize your working hours to ensure that all your activity is recorded in your challenges.

Prepare to receive a notification tomorrow encouraging you to start a challenge. It’s a great way to get off to a good start!