About us

GetUpp is created based on many years of experience with the work environment, pain prevention, well-being and focus on habits and routines at work. Through OfficeFit, we have had direct contact with people experiencing physical and mental challenges in everyday life in form of pain and soreness in the body, lack of energy and bad conscience. Based on these experiences, we have put together the GetUpp concept with a focus on:

We are working hard to improve the physical and mental work environment, and we want to change the way we see the workplace today. However, changing culture in the workplace does not happen overnight. It takes time and requires the right tools. Tools that ultimately ensure that you, we, and the rest of society thrive when we work.

Ronnie Sandholm Rahbek

Software Manager
Tlf. +45 25 33 95 22

Mogens Holm

Hardware Manager
Tlf. +45 20 35 30 09