A noticeable difference

We sit too much and move too little. This is the predominant reason why many people today experience muscle tension and pain in their bodies. Research shows that we sit down for an average of 11-13 hours each day. This primarily applies to people with sedentary work as they sit for approx. 6-7 hours at work.

All these sedentary hours are time, which you can not compensate for with a little exercise a few times a week. Much more is needed. Your body is not made to sit down all day – you are made to move!

Getupp is your help to become more active at work. The workplace is where you spend most of your waking hours and thus here you have the best opportunity to make a noticeable difference for yourself. With GetUpp Assist and the associated GetUpp App, you can gain a healthier working life with daily movement, which gives you more energy and prevents pain in the body.

This is how the Assist works

Your way to more movement

GetUpp Assist is your personal assistant in everyday life. It helps you to use your height-adjustable desk in the correct standing and sitting position. In that way, you can vary your working positions and become more active during the day.

Reminds you to stand
Autoregister your active and inactive time
Syncs with other health data (Google and Apple)
Ergonomic helper
Stylish design
Activity indicator

Movement made fun!

Getupp Assist together with the associated Getupp App aims to motivate and inspire you to focus more on movement and your overall activity in an otherwise sedentary working day. All to strengthen daily health routines, well-being, and team spirit.

The app is your tool for more fun, active, and varied working days.

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