How to activate Apple Health data

To activate health data so that the app pulls data such as the number of steps you take, you need to start from the home screen.

From there, tap on the menu located at the top left corner.

When you’re in the menu, you need to click on the gear icon.

You will now arrive at this page. Here, you need to select the link on the far right in the overview.

Here, you should choose the button labeled “connect” allowing the app to access Apple Health data.

You will now be directed to the health data settings on your phone. 

Here, you press the “turn all on” button, which allows the GetUpp app to access all the displayed health data from your phone.

You can also choose individual data points that you want to transfer to the app.

Once you have selected the data you want GetUpp to access, it will be updated in the app. 

You will see that the button says “unlink”, indicating that your health data is now enabled.