Create login with email

When you open the GetUpp app, you will see this screen:

Here, press on: “New to GETUPP? Sign up”

You can choose to create an account with an email or a QR code.

If you have been given a QR code or there is one on your equipment, you can find a guide for it right here:
Create login with QR code HERE.

If not, then you should choose: login with email

Creating your profile.

After filling out these fields, press: continue to profile setup.

You then need to complete your profile settings with your information. You can read more about how we store your information HERE.

Acceptance of terms of use.

If you agree, you should press: I accept…

You have now successfully created your account and have access to the app’s features and content.

To enter the app, press: “Let’s get started…”